You started from somewhere. Your story matters. It has the power to captivate. It is the single most interesting thing about your business, your product and your brand.  It is my privilege to help you tell it and ensure your target market is emotionally invested in what you offer and why. It's not good enough that people simply hear your story. They need to experience it. Authentically.

In the authentic, you find the human connection. Our collective story. Seek it, understand it, and market from it.

(and advertising sucks)

Let's face it: Nobody wants to read your shit. Consumers are exhausted. They're overwhelmed and skeptical. They're media savvy and tired of having their time wasted with generic ads, boring social media posts and mind-numbing content.

So how do you ensure your brand and product stand out? How do get your customers to not only notice, but care?

You need to tell a consistent story in a creative and captivating way thorough multiple channels. When you ask for the consumer's attention, respect it, and offer them something of value -- something worthy of  their  limited time and divided obligations. Be strategic and ensure your communications, social media, PR, advertising and marketing work together to establish an emotional, loyal, and trusted connection with clients built from a foundation of mutual values and expectations.


Then step back and watch the hocus pocus begin. Watch it give root to great and bold ideas. And be mindful, because when they arise, you need to be ready.

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