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Forget Multitasking

Everyone loves a good multi-tasker. We proudly boast about being able to complete a lot of things in very few moments, without offering complete focus to any of them. We're on the go, gotta go, good to go. I’m over it. Sure, I can juggle a lot of things, at all times. But just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should (right mom?). Don’t people in my life deserve more than my divided attention? Yes. They do. My kids do. My husband does. My clients do. Hell, even I deserve the best version of me, in the moment, authentic and focused. So, I've made a decision: From now on, when someone asks for my time and talent, they get it. All of it. I will be attentive and mindful. Ready and available to connect, engage, create and use the present moment to clear the clutter. To bring their story, their message and their brand to a place of clarity and authenticity. There is power in mindfulness; it is where you find the human connection. Common ground. And that, my friend, is where the marketing Hocus Pocus begins. Where the great ideas -- the bold ideas -- find room to breathe. There are lots of marketing companies out there. Solid marketing companies that will mark an “x” in each box of your “to-do” list. They have a reasonable game plan that's worked before and will work again. I believe this. I just don’t want to simply BE this.

I want to change the game.

I want to bring mindfulness to marketing.

Because its hard to do epic shit with a thinly-spread mind.

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